Chief Fetching Officer

Toss Roxy any type of work and she will surely complete it. There is no work load she can't wrestle down.

Chief of Hoppenings

Keeping this team moving is important. With his prodding, constant bumping and the occasional nip, Monty keeps us on our our toes.

Chief Lap Warmer

A bird in the lap is worth two in the coop. No lap is safe from this lady! Eggs are a bonus the cuddles are no yolk.

Chief Nesting Officer

A round nest is best. Elida doesn't cut corners, watch out for her resting brood face.

Director of Coop Operations

Cho is a tough one to crack. Keeping the pecking order straight, she won't hesitate to tell you to flock off.

Director Of Snuggling

Every start-up needs a heart and soul. Cisca provides the love that you need whether you know you want it or not.

Director of Egg Production

Kamina is a real crack up, except when it comes to the nest box. Your numbers better not slip or she'll give a cluck.

Director Of Exploration

Exploring new territories is X11's forte. She can easily get a new project off the ground and helps us soar to new heights.